Horses First Fund

Administered by TCA, the Horses First Fund was established in 2016 by LNJ Foxwoods to assist Thoroughbreds and their caretakers in need of emergency aid due to large scale neglect, natural disaster, or other catastrophe.

The Horses First Fund has provided support in emergency situations including the 43 horses abandoned in Mercer County, Kentucky, relief aid to Thoroughbreds at Camarero Racetrack in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and support to the Thoroughbreds and their caretakers affected by the fires at San Luis Rey in California.

The Horses First Fund is managed by a committee, comprised of Fund founder Jaime Roth, George Hills, Erin Crady, Nathan McCauley, Mike McMahon, Shannon Arvin, and Adrian Mansergh-Wallace. Fund distributions are made at the discretion at the committee.

Read about the Horses First Fund’s efforts in a recent recent article published in Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine.

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Feed is distributed to horsemen at Camarero Racetrack in Puerto Rico